3 Amigos Beard Oil Travel kit

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Bottle Size::
0.5 fl. oz
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Update - Now our customers have the option to choose their 3 scents.
Our new 3 Amigos beard oil travel kit consist of 1 x 0.5oz American Frontier beard oil, Our popular 1 x 0.5oz Saloon No. 28 beard oil and our newly created 1 x 0.5oz Patchouli Cedar beard oil.
A blend of essential oils and extracts that will leave the beard silky smooth, moisturized and conditioned with a nice polished shine. Helps combat dryness and flakes, fights ingrown hairs, and leaves beard smelling amazing.


  • Keep hair & underlying skin moisturized
  • Cleansing hair & skin
  • Encourages hair growth, revitalize & keeping hair hydrated
  • Allow roots to become healthy and nourished, helps against skin conditions like dandruff and eczema
  • Contains Vitamin C, helping strengthening roots, simulating hair growth, and preventing hair loss
  • Helps fix dryness, with anti-inflammatory properties


  • UV Resistant, BPA Free, FDA Approved

Beard Oil Directions: After you shower simply apply roughly 5-7 drops (depending on length and density of hair or beard) to palm of hand and distribute evenly throughout a slightly damp hair. Use a comb for better distribution. A single 1oz bottle should last a normal customer 6-8 weeks.

Ingredients : Fractionated Coconut Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Orange Bitter Essential Oil, Peppermint Supreme Essential Oil + other oils depending on your selection.