About Us

We offer the best beard oil blends, unlike many others on the market.

About Texas Beardsman Supply Co:

Texas Beardsman is the brand that was established to provide the absolute highest quality beard oils and natural ingredients to consumers. For years, we saw others online selling inferior beard oils, balms and other products that were cut with less expensive fillers. What we believe to be an unethical practice that is unfortunately more common than most people realize.

At Texas Beardsman we only sell the absolute best beard care products using quality essential oils, butters, waxes, extracts, and more at market leading prices. We source these ingredients from an ethical supplier located in the USA to ensure the absolute finest quality available. This way, when you buy a Texas Beardsman product you can rest assured that you are getting what you pay. Best of all, we back it up with a complete 21 day customer satisfaction guarantee! We want to ensure that when you buy beard oils, balms or other products off of Texas Beardsman Co, that you are happy with your purchase or your money back.

So what really makes Texas Beardsman different from the competition?:

Well, our philosophy is simple. We want to offer you the best, by supplying Oregon Tilth and USDA certified organic essential oils that goes into our beard care products at affordable prices. It is important to us that you enjoy using our products and want to be a loyal Texas Beardsman customer. Our core values consist of integrity and honesty and to build a relationship with you as our customer. We also realize the importance of listing our ingredients to give you the consumer the knowledge of what goes into our products.

Why our products:

We use 100% natural and organic ingredients and will never use artificial additives, we only source the best quality ingredients on the market. All of our beard oil and beard balms contain a minimum of 6 carefully crafted ingredients making our blends uniquely different from most others on the market. So if you are ready to have a healthy, nourished facial hair and a rocking beard.