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Would you like to become an affiliate partner? Help support our business while you earn money too! Earn up to 25% advertising fees and help us build our brand. 

Affiliate Program Details & Benefits

  • Minimum requirements are to have at least 1k followers on any social media platform that you choose.
  • Commission -  Earn generous percentage per sale
  • Recurring Rate - Same commission rate on all transactions during the 45 day cookie duration
  • Cookie - 45 days
  • Paid Searches - Like google ads or bing ads are Not allowed using direct linking advertising, if you are using paid ads you will need to pay ads pointing to your URL blog or YouTube links which will display our link on your page.
  • Coupon affiliates - Are allowed, you can promote to your customers through our program
  • Bloggers/YouTube - Are allowed to post product images and links through our program
  • Link generator – You can create links to specific pages from our store. Just paste the link, click on “Generate” and you will receive an affiliated link, which is ready to use. Note that: Affiliated Link – can be used/shared in social sites
  • HTML code – is your affiliated link, but formatted for use in websites/blogs, it can not be shared in social sites.
  • As an affiliate, you are the representative of the Texas Beardsman & Co., we encourage you to be ethical, and hold yourself to a higher standard. Please act accordingly, and do not conduct oneself in unprofessional behavior or misrepresentation of our brand.