Beard Oil - Fire Oud

Oud, Rum, Musk
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Fire Oud - Is our first Oud scented product, this blend is infused with Oud, Rum, and musk with other hidden botanicals, making this what we believe to be a truly special blend.

Hand-crafted and blended to perfection with All-Natural & Non-GMO ingredients. The Texas Beardsman delivers everything to make you and your beard feel its best. Our proprietary all-natural blend of Fractionated Coconut, Golden Jojoba, Hemp Seed, Sunflower Seed, and Cusi Oils is like no other. It helps to relieve dry and itchy skin, leaving your beard looking healthy and nourished. Our product delivers therapeutic properties that are great for all beard types, gentle, effective, and leaving your beard feeling softer, fuller, and healthier.

This beard product is authentically crafted, using a proprietary blend ratio of quality oils, and infused, with Oud, Bay Rum, Musk and other essential oils.


Apply 5-7 drops to palm of hand and rub oil into beard thoroughly. For best results use our beard wash prior to application. Be sure to dry beard as much as possible prior to using oil. For better distribution use our beard comb.

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  • Proudly Made In Texas, USA!
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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1 fl. oz | 2 fl. oz
Premium Oud Fragrance Blend
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