Beard oil is used to nourish the skin under the beard, as well as the beard itself in order to keep it soft, shiny, and smooth. All of our oils are handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality. We use the finest all natural and organic ingredients and all of our beard oils are made without tree nut oils (made for those with nut allergies). Our special blends of oils will make your beard less frizzy and more manageable. It will help soften and condition your beard. Say goodbye to beard itch and dandruff.

With so many beard oil companies popping up all over, you may ask yourself why choose us? We will gladly answer that. Not only do we look for the best quality ingredients for our products. We also make sure that all ingredients are sourced responsibly, therefore we buy from a reputable vendor. The second reason, we believe that sets us apart is, in the way we create our products. You will notice that we don't use the traditional carrier oils as part of our carrier oil blend. In addition you will not find argon oil, castor oil or sweet almond oils, like you will in most others. And the last reason, is that our products will moisturize, condition and promote healthy hair. We look forward to you becoming apart of the Texas Beardsman and want you to feel warm, happy, and healthy when using our products.